Clinic USP's
  • To achieve optimal results for our patients we use an extensive assessment system and employ the latest evaluations and treatment strategies that are based entirely on available evidence. It is suggested that an approach, as practiced by this clinic, based on comprehensive assessment, the latest technology in equipment and intervention and additionally, the one-to-one care hastens body healing alleiviating pain and promoting recovery.
  • The clinic offers a wide spectrum of non aggressive facilitatory treatments, including sophisticated rehabilitation equipment/technology. Furthermore, our very qualified enthusiastic team of physiotherapist customizes each client's goals and treatments plans, tailoring the exercise programs to get rapid and optimum results.
  • The primary goal of our team is to restore optimal function and improve quality of life as soon as possible.
  • We incorporate strategies that emphasize abilities, and encourage prevention and fitness as a way of life so that each client can live a productive life across all the dimensions that matter.
  • Our team believes in compassion, empathy, a positive attitude and a one-to-one hands-on approach. In practice, this means that we are enthusiastic, motivated and positive with our patients.
  • We provide detailed examinations, discuss and explain all treatment options, and answer all questions. We spend as much time is needed, and a therapist is available every step on the way to recovery.